The Philadelphia Museum of Art contemporary craft Show Homepage

I just heard about this craft show and it sounds like a dream come true for artists. According to this article, it is professionally curated by a jury looking first and foremost at the quality of the work rather than the education the artist received. This ensures that the public will find great work when they visit the show. This is important to me as, like many other artists, I found my true calling after having worked for a few years in the corporate world. With a University level degree in Business, I chose to get my extra-education in an Arts School rather than University as I wanted a hands-on approach rather than a theoretical one.
The article also points out that the public going to the show has an educated sense of what great art/craft is about which is also very important for artists who would benefit from meeting with the right customers. Those 2 strong points are putting this show on the top of my wish list of shows to get into one day. 🙂

Here is the link to the show where you can check out some of the amazing work for sale there: