01_P1070414About 42 km North-East of Toulouse, France is a little village called Giroussens. There, one can visit a lovely place entirely devoted to contemporary ceramics (with both a regional and international scope) through a boutique, exhibition spaces and workshops. This is a must-see attraction if you’re in the area.

02_P1070415I had the pleasure to visit it few years ago and discovered some great Italian and Spanish artists.

Here is the link to the site: http://www.centre-ceramique-giroussens.com (French only)

As an extra bonus, I have added some links to some of my favorite artists there:
Emili Biarnès
Silvia Calcagno
Nicole Pagès-Lindner

Artwork in the Boutique

Special Exhibition entitled ” Le Renouveau de la Céramique Méditerranéenne” (The Renewal of Mediterranean Ceramics)

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