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Hot from the bisque firing, my first 3 pieces did come out pretty unscathed (there’s always some apprehension when coming to a new studio, not all techs are careful with fragile works). Pretty pleased with the result.
P1060078 P1060079 P1060095

Here is my next piece, not so happy about the texture on it. It looks too much like a poodle… One can see that I put some bits for support in the bisque firing so it doesn’t sag.


Just in case someone is wondering if I have some ego issue writing my name on all my properties, I will reply that I was once robbed of a palette knife being told “I don’t see your name on it” in a painting class (I was stunned, her name sure wasn’t on it either). Sure enough someone took my sponge off my shelf the other day (can’t write on it or should I try?) and returned it thanks to the message I wrote on the board…