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Test tiles are often hung on a board in ceramic studios. Early on I decided mine would keep the marine quality of my work so I opted for the shape of a fish. 🙂

I was recently told by the tech. at the studio that my work would be fired at Cone 6 only. That presented a problem for me since the glue-glaze I use achieves best results (meaning it doesn’t melt much once fired) at Cone 5. This recipe which is a favorite of mine for decorating my work was passed down to me by a fellow potter I am honored to call my friend, Leta Cormier. It is usually used to mend cracks on pots and is meant to be fired at Cone 6 to 8. However at the previous studio I was working from, firing was done at Cone 5 to minimize breakage for kids works. This is how I discovered that Cone 5 made it more interesting to me as it allows for decorative work. So now I am faced with changing the recipe to make it withstand the temperatures of a Cone 6. I used the  Glaze Simulator online software to adjust my ingredients.

Glue-glaze recipe Cone 5 (original):

  • 1 part EPK
  • 1 part Nepheline Syenite
  • 1 part Soda Ash (a.k.a Sodium Carbonate)

NEW Glue-Glaze recipe for Cone 6:

  • 40% EPK
  • 30% Nepheline Syenite
  • 30%part Soda Ash (a.k.a Sodium Carbonate)