The cards arrived on the estimated date. Interesting thing is that I paid for a 10 day-shipping and they shipped the item 3 days upon its arrival. It should be called ”Give us some time to print the damn thing”. Go figure.

P1060742 P1060743After opening the box, the first thing I checked was if the raised print was applied, as specified, to the logo only. Nope. The whole text, logo included is raised. Though it was a deception at first, the raised part of my logo is so thin that having paid significantly extra just for that would have been a waste of money.

Note to self, having a dark background and a matte finish that comes standard is a recipe to leave your fingerprints all-over the card. Quite distracting.

Would I order again? Not sure. Compared to the $100 quote I was given for raised print, this was cheaper. I would try the Spot gloss option to outline my logo more. But then again I did not like how the background of my picture turned out a little too pixelated for my taste.

Again, the goal for a Business Card is for people to remember you and your product. I hope this does the job.