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Last week on Wednesday I set up my Artist in Residence Exhibition. Here are the pictures of the show that will be in the Lee Matasi Gallery until October 21. Reception will be this Thursday evening. Unfortunately on of my pieces broke its tail during the week-end (most likely because part of it was mended with glaze prior to the second firing and it couldn’t hold part of the weight once attached on the wall, although it was attached o the wall in 3 different points). Oh well, lesson learned. It has also been advertised on the Ottawa School of Art Website.

Artist Statement:
“Seahorses are fascinating creatures that have long captured our imagination. Part chameleons with their independent eyes and ability to camouflage, part horses with the shape of their head and long neck and part monkey with their prehensile tail, these odd fish still hold many mysteries for scientists.
Seahorses are being harvested and decimated by the millions every year. When climate change and pollution threaten the natural habitat of these coastal-living animals, they are facing yet another challenge.
When your population is driven to the point of extinction, what do you do? Do you adapt, stay and fight? Do you migrate against your own nature? Where can you seek asylum in foreign territories? ”

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