Mentor Mixer Monday PosterThis is the first event organized by the Young Arts Leaders Collective that I went to. It was a panel of accomplished artists and non-artists who also happen to have given back to the arts community in one way or another. They were discussing their big breaks, tips and what to do’s and don’ts through a series of questions. I don’t remember the facilitator’s name but she did a great job.

Another interesting thing was the venue itself which is a store on Wellington called Maker House
They were streaming live during the event and the footage can be seen on YouTube.

Here are some of the key-points I retained:

  • Say Yes to each and every opportunity that comes your way until you’re busy enough to be choosy of where you spend your time/energy or if it doesn’t go with your branding
  • Go to openings and build your network
  • Use social media
  • Make a 5 and 10-year plan for yourself
  • Volunteer
  • Like for the NHL trade up! (meaning think about your CV when building your career)
  • Seek out a team of mentors

From there I took upon myself to start a conversation with one of the people who had just left from the panel. She happened to be the owner of studiosixtysix, Carrie Colton. She mentioned their upcoming exhibition as well as a potential opportunity for me to show my work in November. I had heard of the place and have a friend living nearby so I took this chance to visit the Gallery. This is my next Post’s subject.