I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote on my blog. I spent 3 years of my life managing every aspect of an art Gallery and while it was a lot of work, I had a lot of fun as well. As if it wasn’t hard enough, I also had to deal with health issues with a thyroid cancer diagnosis right after I turned 40. It was during a trip to France to get my operation done earlier than in Canada that I visited “l’Atelier Céramique de Saint-Amans” in 2018. Here are the pictures I took of this lovely studio space, set on top of a sinuous countryside road in the middle of beautiful hills. Sylviane Perret, the artist, is a lovely lady who kindly agreed for me to visit her place. Her work has strong Japanese influence and she uses local clay for both her functional pottery and sculptural work.
Here are the picture of her magical space.

Inside her studio she had built a very interesting gaz kiln with an opening mechanism that made it easy for her to fire her work.

You can find her work on Sylviane Perret’s Website or visit her Facebook Page.