Like many artists who lost their exhibition opportunities and teaching gigs back in 2020, I found myself quite at a loss in the first year of a global pandemic. Towards the end of that year, I entered a Holiday Sale and had to prepare for an Alumni show for early 2021 that lasted a month but due to a province lock-down never got to be seen by the public. Introducing deadlines helped me focus again. I also took an online course with an artist friend of mine to keep me motivated by having 3 online meetings a week to talk about our progresses.

Meanwhile, in France, my father who couldn’t come visit his grand-son, started to write a story to connect with my 8 year-old boy who likes to read about his favorite topics. This is how “Max, le lézard de Muret” started. 29 chapters later I agreed to illustrate this lovely adventure about a curious little lizard who decides to travel across the south of France, Spain and go all the way to Senegal to find answers to his many questions about his cousins from Africa.

It’s in French only for now. I will post the first Chapter soon. Tell me what you think in the comments section. Thanks.