About | À propos

Géraldine Petit-Gras

I am an Ottawa-based ceramic artist and a 2009 Alumni of the Ottawa School of Art. I was born and raised in France and grew up watching explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau as he unravelled the mysteries of the sea. I spent most of my summers gathering shells on the beaches of La Rochelle and Biarritz, and sailing along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

My body of work is one of an Environmental Artist. It is filled with my concerns about what mankind is doing to the Earth and consequently to themselves. However, I strongly believe that Nature will prevail to us all. It was there before us and will survive us. So it is up to us to better live in symbiosis with it in order to live side by side as long as we can as one of its species.

My intent is to invite a state of meditative introspection in the viewer because I believe real change can only happen when the heart is aligned with the mind.

For more info check my website: www.StudioGPG.com

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