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Géraldine Petit-Gras

I am an Ottawa-based artist and a 2009 Alumni of the Ottawa School of Art. I was born and raised in France and grew up watching explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau as he unravelled the mysteries of the sea. I spent most of my summers gathering shells on the beaches of La Rochelle and Biarritz, and sailing along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

I currently work with watercolors and digitally with Procreate. I enjoy using water as its meditative and unpredictable qualities are most welcomed in my art practice, much like fire was to my ceramics.

This medium allows me to layer colors and play with transparency to highlight the complexity and organized chaos found in the natural world.

As an Environmental Artist, my body of work reflects my concerns about what mankind is doing to the Earth and consequently to itself. The delicate and serene qualities of my work evokes equally the beauty and fragility of nature.

I work rather fast and in series of multiple pieces simultaneously. Layers of colors applied on the canvas are moved around until familiar shapes emerge. Then, I apply gesso to zero in on the negative space and bring the shape to the forefront. I then apply a gloss varnish to bring the colors to life as if the water was still present and also to protect the work from UV rays. The resulting work is a vibrant semi-abstract painting, which can be interpreted in many ways.

Much like with ceramics, I allow myself to be immersed in the process and let the medium bring forward the artwork.

For more info check my website: www.StudioGPG.com

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