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This year I tried to expand my presence on the market. I even spent a week in Montreal to talk to various Galleries. There are places of interest that I haven’t pursued further at the moment but it was a great adventure with positive feedback on my work as I brought some pieces along for the ride.

You can now find my work at the following locations:

Lucie Rie at the Library

I had the pleasure to attend Ellen McLeod’s presentation on Dame Lucie Rie (1902-1995) at the Sunnyside Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Ellen is a member of the Canadian Ceramic Circle. Lucie Rie was a famous European Potter of the last century. Originally from Vienna, Austria she had to move to England and start her career all over again because of the WWII. She was making one of a kind vessels that were mostly decorative at a time where England was celebrating Bernard Leach for his traditional rural pottery with strong Asian influence.  The treatment of her surfaces were superb and her designs minimalist. It was interesting to learn more about this wonderful lady and her friendship to Bernard Leach and mostly to Hans Coper.

For more info :Essay on Lucie Rie by Sophie Heath (Archive at the Crafts Study Centre)


Reception night for The Seahorse Project


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After a big Fall storm, some people were brave enough to come and have a chat during the Reception for my show at the Ottawa School of Art.
Fellow ceramic artist Hilde Lambrecht got me a wonderful bottle of wine with a Seahorse on it called “Promised Land”. It was very “À propos” for this show. Thanks Hilde! Thanks as well to all of those who showed up and those who have already visited and left a note in my book, as well as those who will come prior to Wednesday (when I’ll take it down).
A big thanks to Dawn Dale as well for graciously accepting to interview me for a YouTube video.

The Seahorse Project is up!


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Last week on Wednesday I set up my Artist in Residence Exhibition. Here are the pictures of the show that will be in the Lee Matasi Gallery until October 21. Reception will be this Thursday evening. Unfortunately on of my pieces broke its tail during the week-end (most likely because part of it was mended with glaze prior to the second firing and it couldn’t hold part of the weight once attached on the wall, although it was attached o the wall in 3 different points). Oh well, lesson learned. It has also been advertised on the Ottawa School of Art Website.

Artist Statement:
“Seahorses are fascinating creatures that have long captured our imagination. Part chameleons with their independent eyes and ability to camouflage, part horses with the shape of their head and long neck and part monkey with their prehensile tail, these odd fish still hold many mysteries for scientists.
Seahorses are being harvested and decimated by the millions every year. When climate change and pollution threaten the natural habitat of these coastal-living animals, they are facing yet another challenge.
When your population is driven to the point of extinction, what do you do? Do you adapt, stay and fight? Do you migrate against your own nature? Where can you seek asylum in foreign territories? ”

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Upcoming Artist in Residence Exhibition

I’ve been working on a postcard for my upcoming exhibition at the Ottawa School of Art. I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s cohesive with the newly designed Business Cards.

For printing, I used again Vistaprint since I had a credit with them due to the mess-up with my Business Card. I found it hard to decide between 100 (too little) and 250 postcards (too much). I chose the latest as I will be able to use them to promote myself in the future as well (my contact information is on it). I also upgraded the paper weight (from regular 215g/m2 to premium 350g/m2) so it won’t look cheap as a promotional material.

Postcard_front_final_s Postcard_back_final_s

Kiln gods

P1060746 P1060747 P1060748One of the things I have learned at the Ottawa School of Art from teacher/artist Penelope Kokkinos was the existence of “kiln gods”. Prior to firing the kiln, artists make a little figurine with fresh clay and put it on top of the kiln (outside) to ensure a good firing. In today’s era it could be thought of as a useless superstitious activity but I think of it as part of the charm of the ceramic practice. Since a lot of what happens in the kiln or even during the construction of a piece is mysterious to the maker (chemical reactions happen depending on the glaze material, the placement of the work in the kiln, the flow of heat…) why not putting all the chances in your favours? 🙂

Here are some of these cuties hanging around after firings in the OSA kiln room.

Leaving with a bang!

Ottawa School of Art | La Fab

Our exhibition Lines in Nature| La nature des choses is soon coming to an end and we had decided early on to take part of La Fab’s Annual Fundraiser. It will take place the same night our show closes. So we’re throwing a party and what a better date than June 21 to celebrate La Fab’s achievements, the Solstice, our collaborative adventure and even Father’s Day. It’s a ticket-only event. Check out our flyer (you can click on it, it’s a PDF):

Auction Online Flyer


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Hors socle – Exposition Terre et Terres 2015, Centre Céramique de Giroussens


Here are some pictures my parents took when they last visited the Ceramic Centre in Giroussens (Tarn) in April 2015.They were impressed and thought of my work when seeing Eliane Monnin’s work. For me they look more like my friend’s Hilde Lambrecht.

This exhibition was called “HORS SOCLE la céramique quitte son piédestal… et suite sur socle”, which would translate like “OFF THE PEDESTAL ceramics leaves its pedestal… and the rest on the pedestal. I doesn’t make much sense in French either. 🙂

List of the artists who presented their work: Nathalie Doyen, Éliane Monnin, Jane Norbury, Rachèle Rivière et Maarten Stuer.


Voici des photos prises par mes parents lors de leur dernière visite au Centre Céramique de Giroussens (Tarn) en avril 2015. Ils ont été impressioné et ont pensé  moi pour les oeuvres d’Eliane Monnin qui à moi me font penser à celles de mon amie Hilde Lambrecht.
Cette exposition avait pour titre “HORS SOCLE la céramique quitte son piédestal… et suite sur socle”. Drôle de titre. 🙂

Liste des artistes qui présentaient leur travail : Nathalie Doyen, Éliane Monnin, Jane Norbury, Rachèle Rivière et Maarten Stuer.

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Opening Reception on YouTube

Ottawa School of Art | La Fab

SExceprt from Liana's Facebook Pagehe works fast and to the point. We would like to thank interviewer-videographer Liana Voia for doing a great job during our Reception.

You can see the fruit of her labour and ours on the videos she posted on YouTube. You can either select the artist of your choice Gail showing our catalogue with pride.doing a solo or team interview on Liana’s YouTube Channel and/or you can choose to watch the Artist Talk (23:43).

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